Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bolognese Spagetti..

Yihaa....u know what?im able to cook my own spagetti..i tot its hard..indeed it s really simple and easy..Thank to Marina and Bent..for precious receipe !!3 months long holiday..What else should i do other than learning to be a good housewife..ha ha ha..I have a lot of works to do actually for my holiday....however,,holiday makes me sleepy and always wanted to sleep over limit..erm,,the spaggeti that i made ..not that sister eat a lots u so proud to be a good cooker..hi hi hi..

the receipe;-

5 ulas bawang merah

satu senduk minyak zaitun

1 tin tomato Puree

1 tin sos spaggeti

daging cincang

5 keping keju

-any sayur-i prefer to put cendawan...

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