Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bowling day was a tiring day..
when after doing one activity..i proceed to another...
ya playing bowling!!
actually its been a while since my U tournament..i never ever play bowling..
so yesterday..before "viewing" will turner and jack sparrow..
me myself n i..had a small tournament with kid!
ya la..played wif my sis..
no extra challenging!!
i got 149 at first..
i made alots of strike...and spare...yihaaa....
but...afterall..i think to affirm the points..
i think the lane in JJ quite slippery..
no wonder im able to get such a marvellous marks..

1 comment:

myadlan said...

ehmm you are good in bowling ah..?

btw.. what song is this? never heard of it..

what d'u mean wit my favourites hm?


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