Wednesday, May 9, 2007

First Tatoo Design!

i realize i got an ability to draw on people hands during Kak Dilla's wedding..its just my new hobby !! draw something without thinking the basic theme or concept??it is really easy n kacang!! ha ha ha..its an art..u just make a point n from a point it becomes a shape..At the same time,,i bought a lots of henna during my visit for took the oppurtunity to draw something on my brother looked ugly at first but aesthetic at last...many ppl requested me to draw on their hands..but my art-blood is precious..sometime their request really strange,cant help myself to sastify them..sorry!!
however,i prefer to draw flower with abstract mood..because abstract is something that we can define ourself rather than draw something with exact figure...anyway.if there is bride to be who is actually looking for henna drawer..u may buzz assure my design is not that typical..its 100% tulen !!

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