Wednesday, November 7, 2007


i saw ppl "Q"ing like hell at one donuts restaurant in :PAVILION:..At first,i just made up my mind to avoid eating all those :FAT FOODS: which actually can GAIN my WEIGHT back after hari,i just went back from :FITNESS i passed by and glanzed..

"MY god..why are these ppl...keep coming n coming to buy the donut??
NVM...IGNORE it TYA!!..better i go for window shopping,,walking in the shopping mall help to REDUCE CALORIES as well..."

Ha ha..after i finisd my money..and bought some stuf..i crossed by the restaurant again...and approached the restaurant..and the restaurant had entailed me!! i cant do anything ..i followed the Q..and tasted the donuts!! damn delicious....!!!i tot kreespy cream the best donut way..!!!!!!..

so u ppl out there..if u depict this restaurant somewhere around the curve or pavillion..better make ur q..and taste the superb donut!!u wont regret!!!trust me....

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