Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday YEOP!!!!

salam to u my brother,,
im so sorry i couldnt find or post special greeting for u..maybe after my final exam..i try to find something for u then yeop...anyway...
Happy Birthday OLDMAN...ur 25 this year...i think ur birhday gonna be the best birthday ever...when Batrisya Saffiyah appears in ur so called gonna graduate soon after 5 years of calamity..
im so happy for u serious i am..

anyway,,these are the pieces of art that i found in my computer,,,it reminds me of my childhood time with u..even i was so benggang to ingat because we often begado..and all the adik2 heard ur bias!thanks for being a great abang to me..who did remind me always..

plz pray for me u r now in the end of the road of the first anak who gonna continue master first...:)ok u bro....happy birthday...awat tisyia makin gemok??jgn ckp ikut ateh...ateh dah kurus kot..hihiihih..


LanHelmy said...

oit..thanx for this post!!:)..sayang jugak awak kat yeop..haha..yes tisyia is so tembam now, n shes getting bigger everyday..soo cute!!mane gmbo nye..xde pon kat bawah tuh..??

Tya ilyana said...

hehehe..dah2 already gmba yg lain malas nk bubuh..asal ilang ek?


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