Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hectic holidays

a very happy chinese new year to all my chinese friends..

still,now is my term break holiday..
not a long holiday ...short one..
a lot of events i have to attend..
fist and foremost,my cousin is getting married this weekend..
"KAK ZAZA"...and i dunno her becoming husbands name..
well,,i pray for u guys..will be eternally ever after..
the second event..will be " FINISHING ALL THE ASSINGMENTS"!!
i have to skecth..2 sketches needed..
A natural elements..plan,elevation,sections..huh!!
then...i need to REPAIR my the second crit is coming sooner..
really need to work out in my computer...sketch up..cad..atlantis or 3d trying!!!im trying my best to make the boards nicer than before..(u wish)..
do u think mario botta's design is amazing??

i so blank!i took his elements in my design..he loves light..penetrating the source of light in the building..huh..he loves round shape ...i love round shape make the building looking so unity and AXIS!! blank!!
i need someone to consult my design..plz appear..angel??prestigous architect?anyone?

ok wut,,gonna be my MID TERM EXAM!!
lots of examination coming up after the short break..that means..athiah ..u have to struggle..hard..get the better carry marks..yes yes..i wanna get BEAUTIFUL POINTER for my upcoming results..gonna be my second last SEM...

im gonna leave my beloved UIA is running so fast..
so pathetic..and sober..sedey gell..
wut ever it is..i need to make my mama n bapak proud of me ...i love them so much..cant wait to balik ipoh..wanna hugs them...

next EVENT...LEPAKING with my siblings..we often lepaking in kopitiam old town kopitiam ..was actually from IPOH...hahaha..ok so ipoh people..wait for me..hihihihi..wut ever...

anyway,,these are the things that i have to do in my HECTIC HOLIDAYS...damn cooll!

2 comments: said...

hey babe, cool blog! u can get more of yourjojo's pics at

Cyclists' Wives Club

momo said...

hey stranger,
da nk final sem eh?
me too :D
good luck on your future undertaking.
btw, mish you too.


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