Thursday, February 21, 2008

sayang..come back quick!

again and again,,
meet him for shot while..
but ok la this time around..i can spend my time longer than previous..
he really did well in his competition..congratulations to him..
even i don't know well about the cycling thingny..but still on my way to learn n know a lil bit bout it..
emm.....he will be back again this coming april ..during my hectic days..exam!but i try my best to reschedule back my time table..ha ha ha...anyway,i love him so much...

this is my special someone....i miss him so much..sangat2..

the pic of so yecky!

miss him....waaa

cyclistwives and the hubbies

malaysian cyslists..i heart the yellow one


tun teja said...

fulamak ensemnyerrr
share leh?? leh la.. pliz pliz.

Tya ilyana said...

sape yang ensem??hi hi hi..mane leh share...wek wek


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