Sunday, March 23, 2008

aim for the gold

this week gonna be my hectic week..
i have like 3 papers to struggle ...
yeay...last papers ever in iium..
i have no intention to futher my studies in this univ..
the new regulations so in gonna make devastating to iiu student..wut out of the freedom!
indeed,i need to increase my pointer ..better than before..
easy for me to apply any abroad uni then..ha ha ha..
cant wait to further my studies ..cant wait to be a human..
cant wait to be an architect...prestigious architect..who actually understands about contract..turnkey?hahaha..i just read it..the role of an architect is not diminished in a turnkey contract architect is an essential component of the owner's team..
ma n pa.."i love u so much..thanks for ur love and care..i swear to God to be excellent..and make u proud of me.."

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