Friday, March 21, 2008

cute lil heart..from awek paeng

1. Last person you chatted with on the
♥ solah.

2. The last thing eaten?
♥ grape.

3. Last person that went out shopping
with you?
♥ i went alone.

4. Last present(s) that you received?
♥ guess shirt from sayang .love it so much!

5. Last website?
♥ malaysia airlines.

6. Last Person(s) you saw?
♥ feeza

7. Last call you received?
♥ frm solah.

8. Last dream?
♥ no dream at all.

9. Last haircut?
♥ monthsssss ago.

10. Last time in love?
♥ i am in lav.

11. Last time you saw your grandma?
♥ last week during abg cik's wed.

12. Last sms received from..
♥ celcom.solah

13. Last fight?
♥ no...fighting at all

14. Last electronic device used?
♥ iron?.

15. Last tv show watched?
♥ tv?kunci kazanah astro ria!

16. What's on your mind right now?
♥ need sayang so much..

17.Where do you really2 wanna go to
♥ him all the way!

18. Which do u prefer, ym or msn?
♥ ym.

19. Do you love shopping?
♥ ohh yeah!

20. Where do you usually go shopping?
♥ klcc,pavilion,0.u.

21. Who cleans your room?
♥ me.

22. Last testimonial / comment
♥ girlicious.

23. What are you feeling right now?
♥ lazyyyy to pack.

24. Who/what makes u feel really
♥ watever it is dat interests me.

25. Who are your enemies?
♥ no one.ppl that backbiting bout me..who dislike bout everything..back off..

26. Do you love your friends?
♥ i do...i love them so much..all my bola tampar,futsal girls

27. Name 10 things you always take
out with you?
♥ paris hilton
♥ nokia
♥ ipod
♥ intimate pantiliner
♥ mac compc powder
♥ bobbie brown lipstick
♥ eye liner
♥ pen
♥ my diary ..reminder perhaps!
♥ sketch book/novel

29. Who do you think sucks in your
♥ org yg sebok2 bout my life n my figure...

30. Msn, who is the last who logged in?
♥ adri

32. What are your hobbies/hobby?
♥ being alone..berjiwang!.

33. Got any plans for tonight?
♥ gym..i wanna join body jam's class

34. Are you afraid of getting hurt?
♥ no. dis is life.

35. Are you afraid to hurt the one you
♥ sure..i love n need him so much..

36. Do you think 2007 is a good year
for you?
♥ sure..i met someone..that i really love n care so much

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