Wednesday, May 7, 2008


salam to everyone on earth..

last 2 days...on monday i arrived uia..i unpack all my belongings...and hate to see them..
one of my beg...LKKJJHUA028329370:"?><
how to explain??
im so benggang..when i see something blacky on my belt ,shirt,and yeah the beg itself..
before i went to syria..i had an accident...and i just pack my things with no heart..
so i dunno what made the belt looks so disgusting and as the conclusion..

2nd so stupid....
i been stayed up all night long to do something on photoshping..a.k.a the drawing below...i dont save it in psd file...and its gone..and i have to do it again from A to Z....and lebih malang lagi...tmorow gonna be the stupid rite??!!!

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