Friday, May 2, 2008

a new born DR in my family

my anak sedare blog...she is so cuteeeee!!like her auntie..indeed

si tisya comel and her papa chomol..

family photo

anak papa tido atas perut papa yang boroi...baju oren sangat lawa..sape yang bagi?

yesterday...i got a text from yeop..telling me that he has got the "DR title"..and he accomplished his so proud of u...when there is a DR in a family..totally makes myself easier to get Emcee..ha ha ha..anyway congrats...i dunno how can i express my words..but all of us...proud of u...and...tahniah! can call ur name DR Azlan Helmy for envy..
i have to past 2 more big exams to get AR a present..i need tisya!hahaha


umi_e said...

Tahniah! Semoga adiknya @ Tya akan turut berjaya :)

Tya ilyana said...

Insya Allah..same2 laa akak doakan kejayaan Tya dunia n akhirat


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