Saturday, May 3, 2008

the waiting

..another day had passed..another day of many more nights?how much longer would i have to watch someone through webcam..
Now,I began to realize that work was what could help me heal...

  • compilation works accreditation 3rd year B.Sc in Architectural Studies :7 May 2008
  • Applying universities for master :10 May 2008
  • cad drawing of albarudi
  • family trip to Brussel,Geneva,London,Dublin :25 May-10 June 2008
  • Syria Exhibition
  • Finish studies
  • Grad!!!:20-30 August 2008

basically the aim...i want to be so worst!tommorow im going back to i ll make sure i ll follow my previous routines...hi hi hi..hopefully...adios..

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