Friday, May 9, 2008

when tya says "diet time"

to tell the truth..i dunno when will be the perfect time for me to reschedule myself to be so discipline..i wanted to be..but i just cant...u know why??
because im staying with devils ..devils or setan2..that often persuade me to taste their food in the studio..OMG..
just imagine..if i refused..they will gve a perfect glance...but okayla....since this is my last semester...friendship is so vital...rite?
so..basically..they love oily food...ha ha ha..
emm..thanks to raihana rohmad..a.k.a jojo for giving me the FREE..MAGNIFICIENT cha keaw tiaw...u know what dear...everyone likes that keaw tiaw so much..jojo bg lain pun sebok..tambah kak zihan n peah...anyway...just hope..i ll be blind of those food after this..ha ha ha..


LanHelmy said...

mak aii makaannnnnnnnnn je keje..haha

Tya ilyana said...

makan la ...nyam nyam..tau la jelez x dpt makan camni...ha ha ha


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