Saturday, June 14, 2008

my dadda birthday

dad with cucu paling kecik..yang juge kuat makan

yummy kek brom butter chocholate

anak2 suap bapanye smbil cucu2 sebok jah
13th june..was

my dads birthday yang ke 60 tahun..
anyway,me,yeop,kak shu anis n adik..already celebrated dads birthday earlier in Ireland..
we did some surprise..and dad was so happy ..
first n foremost,my abang got the medic going to be my turn..
my dad said.."i just need my daughters n sons succeed in their life especially education,dont forget to PRAY!!".. sad to hear that too...i love my dad so much..thanks a lot for giving me ur love..ur care and ur advises to me and others..ur the greatest daddy in this entire world..
well,my vow..
i need to do anything that my dad did to me..without him i dont think i can live happily ..
erm,,study hard n smart..get better results than before..hardworking..insya Allah.

plus..HAPPY FATHERS DAY...i dunno wut to give..but perhaps ted baker socks suit u dad..lovyy u!mwah mwah mwah

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