Saturday, June 14, 2008

say Goodbye to beloved IIUM

how to express my feeling..
indeed,im so sad to leave my beloved iium..
been bz last 2 weeks..
i definitely didnt spend my time with my friends here..
everyone is going back for good..
lots of thing i have to in to make clearance in iium..
i just went back from finance to check my status..i dunno whether i still have debt with iium or not..hopefully zero!
indeed, for my next activities after grad still obscure..
i dunno shud work 1st or just lepaking gaining my skill in computerizing..blanko...but still i need to have long holidays after all..before furthering my 2nd part..need to work hard tya.. basically in my becoming holidays..these are the things i wanna do..
:-grooming my cats
:-grooming my room
:-grooming myself (hahaha) i shud mention earlier.
:-cooking..i wanna learn how to do traditional malay kueh from my mom..
:-helping my mom to decorate the house from sepahness
:-a full supporter of azizulhasni

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