Saturday, July 26, 2008

gr8 day with sweetheart

adah n me...muahhhhhso,i met my sweetheart today named syuhada..she is a hottest girl in UIA..
basically we have so many things in command...we are librans..and our characters sangat laa sama..LIBRAN is HOT n FAMOUS!!hehe
we went to KLCC ..and u know what..
NINE WEST sales gegile..i was like 60 to 50 %..i ve tried 2 shoes..comfortable...but
too high..i prohibit myself to wear high heals because i have to respect my bf..kidding !
before meeting mikey..i had this slice of cake at dome,KLCC..the taste was so pie bla bla..good for diet people..sigh..thanks to adah for the treat...adah blanje her so much
khalid and wala'...soon to be married..Khalid is friendly too...they used to smoke shisha
in that restaurant...cant wait to bring my sayang to this restaurant too..hahaha
mikey and syuhada..they are so perfect to be together..
meeting mikey in one of the arabian restaurant nearby jalan ampang..i didnt know that the restaurants in that area are so arab!i been to syria and i ordered the food that i have tasted before.guess what..u can find all food in that area..even the yummy!thanks anyway for the treat..mikey is so hot..and so kind..he is my friends boyfriend..he took master in UKM..pharmacist..
wala',adah,me...x-uiam to be proud..
wala' is my senior in UIAM..she took arabic literature under Kuliyyah of Human Sciences..and both of us...were in the same roof..of Kuliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design..also known as KAED..
arabian reunion


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ kawan satu U ekh? naper i tak dek kwn2 over the sea nie? :P ~

bendul said...

org arab ker..? nampak macam orang orang jer.. hahaha.. sori..

Tya ilyana said...

yes kawan SEUIA...hehe...takpe2..nnti kenalan laa dorang kat banyak kat bukit bintang...hehehe...

bendul?orang-orang tu cmne?x faham..asal..cun2 ek..kuang2

Anonymous said...

aloo babehh... sure u want me leave a comment... 2 words for ur blog... NICE & CUTE... for everything laa..
babe!! u look hot!! superb.... jgn mkn byk2 tau hehe...
this monday ye... our date... :) missssssss u

peah said...

i've been to the restaurant b4 with syah n aishah..
it was great kn?
the foods are delicious
aritu aku mkn kmbing tak hingat punyer!!!
kenyang cam haram...


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