Tuesday, July 15, 2008

im excited to try new look..sigh

i have 2 to 3 weeks more left to stay in my home..
then gonna start my work..
actually my parents asked me to stay here in ipoh..
since i ll be continuing my 2nd part next year..so they need me to spend sometime with them..
its quite hard for me to make a decision...however,,im going to start my work next month in one of the architect firm in KL..
even the duration quite short...but as a human,im so humble to say that my knowledge regarding all the architecture stuff is so small...so i need to gain it..day by day...this is because..through working ,the experiences lead to knowledge..
haha...am i so poyo??
ok...let put it into this way..
im so blank to choose perfect attire for my 1st day working..
haha....so as what my friend Izreen Suhanis said to me...
"women have to be so INTREND..."...beauty and fashion make yourself conformable to make urself to step ahead...ha ha ha....what say u?


The Pocket Rocketman said...

always wearing todong okey!!

Tya ilyana said...

yeee sayangku..


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