Wednesday, July 30, 2008

true blue for life! true blue die hard fan!

tot of buying the expensive one..but still 83 myr is worth enuff so satisfied watch my fav team!
i just cant believe my eyes..that im watching them infront of my eyes...
i see frank lampard..
i see joey cole..
i see a.cole..
i see everyone....
omg,i felt regret too...u know why??
because i didnt bring my SLR!!
i just brought my old bad in focusing!
however,the malaysian team also did a great job too..i think they are developing the skills time to time..i love to watch these 2 footballers from malaysia..zakuan and aidil..their performance quite bombastic also....
wut ever it is..
i want to study hard..then if my income is "massive"
im going to watch them live in STAMFORD BRIDGE!!!
to be so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....:D

im happy to grab this poster...haha...CHELSEA 2----MALAYSIA---0
my brother..wanna thnx him for sponsoring the ticket for her sister..he is man u sbb kesian kat kakak die..he accompnied u g..esok we are going to date..he wants to buy new shoes..despite..of buying on his own..
this is how it goes....go CHELSEA!
thanks god i bought this in heathrow...hihi


bendul said...

go Man U..!! red devils is the best..!! hahahah..
(still remember last champions leauge final..?)

Tya ilyana said...

elelele....still remember FA CUP last year????lalalala..kite menanng!!

Reza Azman said...

Its good to hear another Chelsea fan having a blog. Nway, did u watch their game at Bkt. Jalil in 2003?

Tya ilyana said...

i was there...i just sent my abang to the stadium..anyway..thanks ...are u a chelseaholic too??

BoO said...

wahhh...great found another true blue!!
yeah2...go2 chelsea!!!~=)
saye pn ade wat byk entry psl chelsea tour ni...
hope this season chelsea jd champ EPL!!!harapan cm cerah jerk..hhahahha...kasi bakar sket devils2 merah itu...;p


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