Friday, August 1, 2008

anak camie...

today..after 1 day camie been buried ..

i still feel sad no matter looking at her pictures..

totally made me feel so lost!!..

i brought them in my house..comok n puteh..seriously no idea to give other nanems..

they keep moewing...meoow and meow..maybe they wanted camie so bad!

so sad...then i asked my maid to do "blended fish"..just as a trial...

yeay!!they really like it so much..

and i gave tisya's milk too..

can save money ..wink wink


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ yg dlm gmbr nie, camie or anaknya? sangat comel la. no wonder la u sedih sangat. tak per, anak camie ader kan? kurang2 ade la pengubat rindu..~

Anonymous said...

kitten yg lost mom xelok bg susu owg.kene bli susu kucing gk.sbb most of my experiences kitten tu akan sakit/mati gak at kot if ur kitten nye antibodi kuat.or maybe ur kitten dh bsr sket,prevention is better than cure kn.ur camie xde msr r u nk jg kturunan die sbaik mungkin kn cos they will remind u camie is still here!:)plus,kucing jenis kmbang2 xbranak banyak.


lama tak lawat blog nie..apa khabar?

sedihnya kucing mati..huhu.
Teringat time i kecik2 dulu umur dlam 5 tahun..kucing mati. siap tanam sendiri...sedih2.

Take care

Tya ilyana said...

pak hows ur work?inspired la......i need to be a great architect tooo!!


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