Sunday, August 17, 2008


azizulhasni and rizal tisin

im so happy today..
i woke up early when my bf calling me ..
and he told me he already in TRACK!
gosh..he said he has qualifying race for men sprint..
so i straight away..go to TV area and switch on my astro..and wait till 11.30 ..
yeay..thats my bf!!he did perform so well...and he is in rank automatically qualified to next his 2nd race...he competed with previous Gold medalist Ryan Bayley..and ya..he lost only for a few second...then to Men's Sprint 1/16 Final Repechages..He won it baby!!
next round...he competed again with strong UK rider..Jason Kenny..and well,he lost!
then,he went again into Men's Sprint 1/8 Final Repechages...yeah baby!
my sayang did it so well..."Flying malaysian"..."Flying pocket rocket"..
my bf is the smallest rider in i hope evryone who reads this..
plz...pray for his victory tomorrow...hopefully he can do something magnificent..and yet ...deserved to be an Olympic medalist!!lets pray n support him!!!
go AZIZUL!!...

Tya Azizul
Cyclistwife ;)


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ Good luck for the quarterfinal!!! hope he can perform well. ;) ~

Lynn said...

omg! i actually drive pi college tadi and i heard about him on the radio pagi tadi!!! kalau tak silap or was it hebat....and my family and i pun tgk dia the other day.....congrats man!!! lol...gila laaaaaa...wish him all the best..ader gak i tgk dia kene interview arituh...celamak!!! lol...harapan negara tuh! ciow beb, hope u are doing fine...xoxo

ainee said...

haha. was a brilliant wheely he did. genius.

nur nabil said...

c h a i y o k ! ! !

Mademoiselle Ayu said...

Waaa, azizul is your bf aite. Wish him all the luck in the world. :)


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