Saturday, August 9, 2008

Deakinnnnnnn kah??

i have 5 month plus2 to continue my 2nd part architect...
definitely im so extra EXCITED!!...just wait for e call from e respective firm!
but i really want to work hard while studying the skill!!and gain!gain!gain!
I went to UIA ,seem everyone was soooo excited like me too...the number has increased ..
ramai plak nk g so happy!!tp bertambah2 HAPPY when JOJO ROHMAD also decided to continue in DEAKIN!!i love ARCHITECT sooner..extra happy..sbb jojo and me..macam air di potong takan close!!next week gonna be her birthday...
well,,,of coz..i need to study n read a lot of books from now on!no more story books...but architecture book..try to have the best architecture journal...update the detailing and yeay!materials?? tough rite...but yaa...knowledge is needed always rite :D

the view....soo nice rite??

e studio.......lame x g studio..yeay!! !and yeay...i can hit the golf balls!!yeay!yeay! my dad suruh blaja ngan pro..for future..i can gain more client tru golfing!


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ DEAKIN tuh apa tya? bila la nak dpt peluang further kat over sea nie? sob sob.. :( ~

Tya ilyana said...

deakin tu name university i nnti..


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