Wednesday, August 13, 2008

dewi bowling

here we bombastic shoping complex in ipoh..
so one in the place..
u can do anything u know!
we went to watch MEET DAVE
plz dont watch!
that movie SAX!
as usual,,this is my best buddy in ipoh
i just only have one friend who still free and available to come.. we made up our mind to compete bowling
since she lost!
compete with me tru "FACEBOOK BOWLING"
still..i won...even the markah not that excellent..
cheer up nasyrah...!!
i promise to give her LONDON sourveniour..
but i lupa!

poor me..i dont have style to be sure..the way i drop the ball is sooooooo wrong!



~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ kalau bab bowling nie memang la i tak reti. kalau pi main jer mesti memalukan diri sendiri. :( ~

miss_ipoh said...

omg my serius face haha busuk btol..well i'll brake ur breaking olympic record or world record la plak haha.. just wait and see..

Tya ilyana said...

ek eleh....break laa kalu so man kalah!haish!!


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