Monday, August 11, 2008

watch this movie ..sooooo sedey one!

i just got the info from nasyrah telling me that we can watch korean episode in one website..
so so addicted to that website..i spent my time watching all the movies...and yeaa..
this one.."a moment to remember" sedey...i like the plot..the hero is an architect be honest i like the movie when the actor or actress in an plz watch this movie..!!
haiyooo...tetiba teringat tatkala melihat cerita korea bersama kawan2 di uia..
we spent time together..and all of us..were laughing and crying together...not only korean movies...english movies also..when hot guys appear...everyone will scream like "hottttttttttttttttttttttttt siyutttttttttttt"..."arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ensem nyeee"
rindunyee.....everybody is duduk in one single bed..with their own pillow to hug!i miss the moment so much..especially those "american pie episode"..
not to forget...watcing all indonesian movie too..missing!missing!missing!
sangat merindui zaman2 ini...
i did remember when watching together with pey pey and masy and fee...we are so koreanholic!
after finished watching those movie,definitely..they will straight away change their primary photo in friendster..and put the heros photo..hah perasan la kau!
as for me..the no 1 hero will be "lee dong wook" and "bi rain"..
i went to his concert okay....
rain sangat superb!
even jojo rohmad also like him...
kalau jojo pun suka apatah lagiii akuu ini...
his perfomance was soooo awesome!!!
till now i adore his shade.."DNG"
lawa babas!!
he he he....

to tell the truth..i miss UIA PEOPLE so much!!!!!!
this going to collect my robe!
next my CONVO!!yeay!
im happppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

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Wan Sajidah Ahmad Saburi said...

tya..akak pun dah tgk citer korea nie..mmg sedih...sedih sgt...kesiankan lelaki tu bila perempuan tu mula ilang ingatan dia still touching... :(


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