Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my precious olympic gift from sweetheart

well,,i havent upload any pics of my beijing gift yet..tadaaa...
these are some of the gifts given by my boyfriend,azizulhasni...
so precious yet so lovely....they are so cute..especially the characters..
im so glad and proud,,my bf gave me a dozen of beijing gift,,
its limited edition one...!so yeay...!!
maybe ppl might find those things in beijing..not in Malaysia..(maybe)..
Thanks a lot so happy to have those things indeed...
the lovely beibei mug
the olympic mascot ..kipas
Huanhuan ..fridge magnet
my yingying doll..he said he wants to give me beibei..but he gave me yinying

a special "bird nest" floriated commemorative sweetheart gave to so honoured to have this thing!!love u sayang
can u see the bird nest..?i like the architecture so much!
my yingying shirt


nur nabil said...

best nye hadiah !

Tya ilyana said...

yeahh,,,,mesti laa im so happy to have these


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