Saturday, September 27, 2008

raya raya its near...

well..raya is coming..
and to be honest,
i didnt have the real raya celebration like others did..
its just in ordinary way..
i only have one baju kurung..and yeay a shoes..
yayang gave me this shoes :) :)

wanna thanks to my bf for buying me that sandals..
he likes the gold colour so as a good gf,i listened to his words totally..
at first,he was about to ask me to put on the onitsuka tiger shoes ...its limited design...
gold colour again...but hopeless..only 2 sizes available...
so then,we leave pavilion happily and my bf is back to dungun for raya..

and then...he is leaving me soon ...
he will be back on the 7th...and guess what..
my birthday is on the 8th of October..
and im a humble libran!
even quite sad..but have to be strong..
bf is working..for future :)
me also...gonna futher my studies near to him.. mercy!

eh eh eh..i mentioned about raya just now didnt i? be continue..
im so sleepy driving from damansara to seremban and from seremban to ipoh
so tired!
hey hey hey..i like the dim sum in Bazar Ramadan dkat Ipoh..
so sdapppppppppppppppppppppp!!!come come...taste it....

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