Thursday, September 11, 2008

teman yayang gi photoshoot

Azizul with his vibrant adorable n cute..isnt he?

im so sorry...
i been busy lately..
so for the time being,
im so sangat kerap spending my precious time with my yayang..
accompany him everywhere..and anywhere...
yesterday,i accompanied him for MASKULIN photoshoot..
so dear bloggers,dont miss up to get the new novermber issue of MASKULIN..
even i could say "eii yuuu"
but bf is the front cover...sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

then,we have bukak puasa with abg azam n kak mas famili..he dragged me ..even i refused..this is my 2nd time ..makan at this restaurant..adah n mike penah bawak i makan sini before..the buffet style for bukak puasa..and yes,i met a lot of uia fellas in that restaurant..

last but not lease..we have our supper in Dome Klcc,,
im gonna miss him..
he is going back to dungun tomorrow..


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ no doubt about his good looking. opps, terlebih puji ker nih? ahakss... ~

Tya ilyana said...

yeah,,,tgk la gfnye....padan x?

syam said...

uiks.. ucapkan tahniah aku kat dia
muda-muda lagi dah belajar jadi competitive..

i wish dia akan berjaya di Kejohanan Trek Dunia.. I thinks All Malaysians want him to be at least Olimpik Medalis

nur nabil said...

padan !

nur nabil said...

smga kekal

ika said...

hye kak tya..i'm ika..azrul's gf..emm..azrul is abg azizul..hehe..btw,korg so sweet and i love ur blog..bleh ajar skit x..??hehe..


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