Tuesday, October 14, 2008

house bunny

i lyke the movie so much..
wondering why the bunny is so cute and gorgeous..
i wanna be like them too..
as i am now so heartache of something which is too general to share!
cut the crap..
hey the movie teaches me a lot of things..and i adore every scene on it..
so sexy!and yeah...so cute!cute!cute!the film is just the same like legally blonde..not the film.but the stuff...like like like!
oh ok...currently im focusing myself to finish my "abandon novel"
...A TOTAL WASTE OF MAKE UP....i knew cecillia ahern novel is coming up now..but still i havent got time to sneak around the bookshop..hopeless!!
yikes....but by reading this precious novel i found 2 favorite sentences to share which are
"Emotionally,its better to be homicidal than suicidal.When you're upset with a GUY,at least know which way to point the gun."
"Men arent stupid,and you dont need a complicated set of rules to find a good one who loves you.Here's the only rule you need: if a man loves you,he will do anything he can keep you around..Anything baby!"

Ok la..im so down today..something miserable happened ...
i need my friends so much rite now..
i need my jojo rohmad so much...i miss her...i miss everything with her..
i dont know when will i meet her again..since she is too busy with her "architect life"..
i knew jojo will always read my blog..because i knew she misses me like 24/7!
give me ur address darling...i wanna post the present to u...dah berabuk ok!

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