Monday, October 27, 2008

my best feature

hmmmmm.....I asked my friend this i gazed into my reflection obiously..when she thought of what i saw...she said ,"Images are usually misconceptions".....well,i satrted to put down my appearance wishing i was thinner and taller and she looked at me with understanding eyes and saying "Superficial wishes only make YOU SMALLER!!!!"
anyway i knew she was right but who was she to talk rite?for she was every guys dream...i tried to point this out to her and she replied back as "Appearances aren't always what they seem"..

and she asked me to tell her 5 feautures that i admire in myself....and i knew my troubles had just begun..for i could see the hurt in her expression ..when i actually coulndt think of one...i definitely couldnt think of asingle feautue i liked and i could feel my stomach slowly start to sink....and i responded to her "Well what do you think?"

"I think u r looking at it all wrong...and i wish i could make it clearer,its what inside u makes u beautiful and not what can be seen in the mirror?"
"your the most loving person i know,and i hate to watch u fall apart..if u want to know what makes u beautiful to me..definitely is ur heart babe"

well,thanks though..but still i think both of the in front of the mirror and inner beauty are the foremost thing!...of course i will always love who i am now...indeed,love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance....lets ponder .....ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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