Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 months more to GEELONG,AUSTRALIA!!

i grad this pic from senior Katuns...sorry katun..aku sgt excited..so kene publish aa keindahan yg bakal ku amati

senior ku jua..tp mereka di sydney..bizi said gonna have one KAED TRIP..!yahooo
indeed,im so excited to live in a new place...far away from home..far away form anyone that i know basically..can tya survives?yeahh she can..i hope so!!=)she is the twilight...
my campus is near to waterfront..and my seniors said the place is soo awesome!
hu hu...but ppl will love to say..."confirm dating"..seriously..im far away from him..75km ok..so he will concentrate in his field..and i will concentrate on my own field too..for future bright..dazzling future jijoetya..maybe dating like once a month?:P


kuh4z said...

can't wait for the blue, blue skies :)

Tya ilyana said...

blue blue skies too...u gonna be my kind future roomate ..love u..=)


Lain dari yang lain...wah menarik pakai kain sarong/baju melayu main salji.....meriah....meriah..he.he.he.

Tya ilyana said...

mestilah...hidup malaysia!!

xxeemm said...

seeing the word 'keindahan' under the picture of those guys is so wrong. haha!

naaaah.. memang 'indah' pun dulu2 satu studio with them all. :)

Anonymous said...

Tya, I chose to remain anonymous.
Read your blogging with interest n ur lovelife, long live Tya.
You said "..75km..maybe dating like once a month?" C'mon la Tya, its like Seremban - KL aje. "Meet me in the city is like, just 45 min away!", ok la, maybe one hour, walk la sikit, train kan ade. Like komuter, the train station in Geelong is a walking distance to the Waterfront.
The Melbournites would prefer to call Geelong a "Sleepy Hollow" but "What Makes A Place is the People" (my quote). It depends on how openly and friendly you wanna be, how honest and open-minded. It is a Gateway to the Great Ocean Road, u'll see and u'll like it. Knowing the kind of person that u r, and knowledgeable, a learned one. Leave those people with high opinions in their own world.
And if it is the Waterfront Campus where u r going to study, then visit here first
Deakin home
before going on about the campus (or school as aussie termed it, see how easygoing people they are?) Geelong Waterfront Campus
You seem to have many friends and somehow managed to keep them and family happy. They follow and hog, read ur blog for solace, comfort, etc.. U hv got one kind heart Tya.
I remain anonymous. Thanks Tya

Tya ilyana said...

hello dearest anonymous...

1st of all,i would like to say thank you for visiting my humble blog..
i was about to close my account at 1st when i received so many distractions by "anonymous"..Thank God..i got a kind "anonymous" eventually..
but i think i can guess who u r..but tatau la whther betol ke tak.. looking at the way u jot the comment..u must be so familiar with the place rite?ya..i will try my best to date often..but he promised to visit me..to kayuh there...so a good training too ..

Thanks a lot once again..i really appreciate ur comment !! ..pray for my journey ...i havent got my house yet...kinda scary too =(


Anonymous said...

Eh, eh Tya, I am surprised that you have not yet settled your housing problem.
But knowing pretty well the people of Geelong, are close-knitted with strong network base, it should not be a problem there for you. I think those Malaysians already there should be also assist you as well since Melayu macam kita ni kan, ada mengutamaan agama dan perlu di patuhi.

Macam mana u kata “i can guess who u r .but tatau la whther betol ke tak”. Eik hilang lah nanti my anonymity. And then you substantiated that with “looking at the way u jot the comment”, then further with “u must be so familiar with the place rite?ya” Alamak dah 3 elements mustahak tu, so jadi nya kalau lah begini please private email me takut betul2 ya, becos I don’t want to be make myself known here.

Tapi betul juga tu that Geelong is a “Bicycle City”. The streets there provide dedicated lanes for cycling and I think it is very safe if u r fit enough to do so. There should also be no problem to ride bicycle from Melbourne to Geelong if u know ur general directions.
Look at this Wikimapia of Geelong-Melbourne to give an overall picture::

Good luck tya.

Tya ilyana said...

salam to u brother or sister..but i guess u are a brother..
about the guessing tuu just put it away..so u can remain urself as anonymous eternally then...

oh..bout that house...no actually they are helping us (me and my friend) but the thing is that..our date to register is earlier than them..so they are going back to geelong on March..while me,have to be there by Feb..

and as the suggestion of the Malays families in geelong..they asked us to be there agak awal..from feb ..have to be there by January..sbb ad yg intake br already in geelong from October for a sake to find a houseee..so..same goes to me la kot..3 weeks before class started..but honestly its kinda sober..im a family people...and yet...cant imagine my life being solitude..

Thanks for ur kindness and sharing the info...if u have anything regarding the above matter..u may buzz me...Peace upon u...Salam

Anonymous said...

wow tya, there's aplenty requests there but i may be disclosing myself otherwise, or in any either ways. is ur friend the kuh4z? and how does she takes the predicaments u both r in this moment? aren't u guys worried? but take deep breaths n let common sense prevails... anyway u guys hv each other for solace rite?
(note: when i say guys here, it means gals as well, u'll soon find out that aussie gals hate any sexist connotations, when anyone says guys, it applies to both, that means gals as well.)

but one thing i learnt is, life in solitude can make or kill a person, it is not that we are not wanted, it is just the lifestyle the aussies live (unlike here, we have extended family but they don't). it is a cultural lifestyle "macam masuk kandang kerbau atau kambing". With the solitude comes greatness, makes u learn how strong and courageous a person can be. u'll soon find this out, but hey i'm not trying to put u off. and friends here who understand, can wait and appreciate the challenges that u'll hv to go through. plus the fact that along the way u hv to soldier on to achieve a goal u want to meet, amongst those "cabaran hidup" with no family backing and new foreign environment. patience will make a true human being out of u, and as i've said earlier whatever these challenges may be will make u even stronger and prepare better for what further future may hold. after awhile, things become intuitive and u begin to enjoy life, like er... bn there done that, he, he. the test in life.

i know why the uni (school, the aussies say) wants u to register in feb altho the lectures (or classes, the aussies would say, see what i mean by saying how easygoing they are?) starts in march, is because they want u to go through an induction period, more like familiarising urself, to the place, getting to know the people at college (sometime they refer as that as well for ur school/dept, bcos uni sounds too snobbish, he, he) and in the environment, to get rid ur homesickness, so that u can get on with ur business.

why the local malays (mainly from singapore mind u) want u to come earlier is becos they want to meet u, know u and hv more time, in order to meet ur kind of demand, in order for them to assist. demand here means ur economic capabilities, type of housing that entails

knowing that ur seniors or those already there coming back later by a month is a "much needed consolation". i know they would continue to pay their rentals whilst away, meaning that if they r still intending to keep the same place. why not ask them if u take over the rental whilst looking after a new place urself? or they now being familiar to the city could do a favour and sacrifice u their place and they look for new ones when they r ready to come back? hey we "melayu" has got to learn to help each others too .... just a suggestion here when one is desperate, he, he.

anyway tya, u don't hv to know me, but instinct tells me that u do, being a calculative and systematic person that u r. what u say and what u wrote. i'm only trying to be friendly here, no more, and wish other people don't think otherwise. thanks tya

Tya ilyana said...


well..first of all wanna say thank u so much for everything...oh yea,,my friend ..she has an uncle in geelong...so maybe once we reached there...we gonna stay in his house ...ade jugak student yang dah berkeluarga asking us to stay with them while takde rumah.....around 1st week kat sane mcm x masalah kot..i hope so..i can get the house ASAP..

they already offered us..tp mcm tgk2 kan and once we step there we gonna decide la..which dwelling comfort us..:S tp obviously all the houses are soooo damn mahal ....we needed the cheap one and selesa....hi hi hi..

somehow,,there is a house is waiting for us actually..tp tataula kan..its good or not..hopefully is goood..because my parents gonna visit me a week before i left MALAYSIA...heeee :)

oh yea...its all about cabaran hidup..and im ready to face it like what my brothers and sisters did..but just afraid of my knowledge..all my architecture's thought..i wish all of them still in my mind ..afraid to start my hectic life as an architecture student back...staying all night long to create something for society...heh :S

Thank you once again..please pray for my path,journey..i really hope i can do much better than before..and prove Malay is good too in any ways of life...


Anonymous said...

quick check tya,
this uncle of ur friend. he originally from penang? works in restaurants, married to local geelong aussie and lives in grovedale?
if true, then i better shut up. otherwise i'm exposed, he, he.

i will continue some more later.....

Tya ilyana said...

no no...bukan orangnye...
so not to worry..
u can remain "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

Sorry, never realise how time can fly. And soon you'll be off to Melbourne.
Hopefully everything is set and you, with such commitment to complete your studies.

Don't be afraid about your knowledge of the architectural expression or your thoughts and the english. Mind you the aussies don't go to school to study english either, most of them can't spell although theirs are the mothers toungue. Of course they come naturally for them when they speak their language. It is about how well you express your thoughts that matters and they would understand. Your command of english will soon improves naturally when you communicate more often with the local people. Reading books and watching them speak helps, although it may take time but you will learn and assimilate.

Staying up late nights to complete assignments are what all architectural students do, but then, you guys work best at night anyway. Daytime is full of interuptions, other things/studies to catch up with and household chores. You'll adjust being students again and you'll find that the pace is not as hectic as being here in Malaysia but hey don't take things for granted.

As we are trying to proof that Malays can be good, we don't just compete to show that we can be at par excellent in our architectural thoughts. Reason why I say this is becos whilst the aussie may not be good in their drawings but their expression of thoughts are of higher standard due to their natural habitat and command of the language. They are very expressive with their presentations. I find that most of those aussies, they come good later when they started working, through the abilities to interpret requirements and ability to be innovative, churning out new ideas.

You see, they have longer history in the art and sciences of architecture, to be inventive. And this is a challenge to us becos we don't have enough depth as them, and we are controlled stealth by traditions and our cultural upbringings. But hey, don't be put off, we Malays can be innovative as well, if we are put into the same environment. You'll soon learn that, their methodologies and their "art of reasonings". And that is why you are there for, to ingrain these train of thoughts. You'll soon find out what I mean after you begin your studies there. Hopefully you'll graduate with flying colours. I believe you will do well Tya, amidst sacrifices and commitments.

Still looking for a place? Don't be despaired by the standard of students housing there. What do you expect? Of course nothing comes cheap either but students normally can make do. With all the basic neccesities. Gone are the luxuries of a family home, unless you are boarding a room. It is what you have set your priorities for. Thats what I mean that you'll also have to learn how to survive, curtailing the wants and comfort but what is needed. It is your journey in life that matters, the breath you take and the moments you sacrifice. It will be a good experience for you too Tya.

Here I wish you good luck in your endeavours, where you'd realise that not many dares. And since you are brave enough to do this, I think you will succeed one day, insyaallah.

Have an enjoyable journey Tya. You will appreciate it. Hope to see more in your blog too.


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