Sunday, November 2, 2008

CHELSEA,,,,,againts sunderland

yeahh...even hujan but still chelsea is the best...1st half sudey 3 goals...yeay!
then added 2 more goals..haha...hoping liverpool gonna kalah ...
so that chelsea gonna remain the place..yeay!
drogba my fav player is now on!just make a come back after a long injured!
pity to ballack =(
but deco...deco..deco....perform so well!
i love chelsea!
i want to watch the real match in stamford that i can sing the chelsa anthem out loud!
so prerogatives..!sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Frank Lampard scored his 100th career goal in the Barclays Premier League against Sunderland upon rain sodden grass at Stamford Bridge while Nicolas Anelka achieved his first hat-trick for Chelsea.

It was John Terry's 350th appearance for the Blues and Petr Cech kept his 100th clean sheet for the club in this emphatic win over our northern rivals.

Didier Drogba returned to the bench after injuring his knee overseas on Chelsea's Champions League campaign, and Mineiro made his debut in front of the home fans.

i wanna watch liverpool next!
totnhem please kicks liverpool butt..!

manchester united...kenapa x draw??hull city!haish!
and arsenal?waddupp??hahah...
sorry to hear..



Yes.yes.yes menang akhir nya.
Mintak mintak Liverpool kalah. Setakat seri 1-1.

Anonymous said...

yeah....seriiiii!!!i love it..1 point jah!

amirul farez said...

we'll see who have the last laugh


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