Friday, December 5, 2008

its december!

fly away all my zephyr..we find a place together..
nothing specific!
i like my new hair!
this coming monday is Hari Raya Korban..
Nik Faiz is coming to my house!
alert huh!
he brings all his friends togther..
i dunno what to cook for him..
maybe laksa johor kot?
i dunno..i hope he likes =)
so anyone out there who thinks wanna come to my house..
you are most welcome...
and yeaaa 13 to 14 december..gonna be my batch gathering!
cant waiit to meet all the fivers2002...
i hope everyone still the same..and we gonna attend our friends wed as well...
so..selamat perngantin baru kepada budak bawah katil ku...Aziemah Othman!
yg tatkala skola bercinte ngan ekmal sharazain..he he he..
kepada ZURA,i hope u will attend the gathering..sbb saya tersangat winduu sama lu!
i hope cataluna 9802 will attend.....!!i hope!!


K.A.M.I said...

i also hope the cataluna's will come...

Tya ilyana said...

yeahh..who else?


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