Sunday, December 7, 2008

Land Slide TRIGGER!

Well..from day to day...i heard a lot of news regarding "collapse" "land slide" in Malaysia..
the heavy rain..downpour time to time...we live in hot humid country..there are so many consequences may lead to this situation..indeed,the development growth rising so fast without proper planning..Come on!!
It seems everyday i heard about land slide ..1st of all,in ulu yam ..then jalan semanthan..and now bukit antarabangsa..Sorry and condolence to all the victims..
My house is located nearby the hills too!thats why they called our placed as "meru heights" so worried looking at the news recently...anyway,as a good planner...we need to maintain the earth structure especially..Segregate certain areas in a way to preserve the environment qualities!Our earth is getting old my dear...dont be so pushy!!in a way to grab the dollars!..architect just do the design..its engineer who calculate the load!sighhh

indeed..sloppy area is hard to design and hard to maintain..

once again,Takziah to all the victims..

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