Saturday, December 6, 2008

masak with sister diet people..please dont eat!contains of fat like a bunch!

salmon grilled with vege..good for diet people..sigh!

well..i went out with my sister..for a sake to repair my handphone!
yeay..its kinda sick..pity u my dear!
i felt like banish it!
and oh yeaa..we were planning to watch BOLT..and Transporter3
its Jason Statham...walaweee..i like his acting so much!
so close story..we decided to watch with our brothers..!
midnite outhing with family gonna be real fun!
today me and adik were baking lasagna again!this time much better.. we already mixed up the its kinda kewl!
and this time..i like to watch AFC channel and Travel and Living!!nigella lawson..she s pretty hot!and Curtis Stone...huhu..he s kinda superb i wish to have someone to make a suprised and called a Chef to serve me meals!those programmes encourage me to cook often!thanks!!

me and sister,,,durh..cheese fridge at back!she loves mozarella cheese..and i hate cheese so much!


Lynn said...

how can you hate cheeeseee????????!!!!!

Tya ilyana said...

cheese....gross!i cant eat la lalink..rase mcm nk vomit tauu!

azzrizal said...

heh. nice pic! :)
btw, i like cheese!

Tya ilyana said...

thanks..which pic?


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