Friday, December 26, 2008

Nidas -CATALUNA980

today is nidas wedding..
and yeaa sangat tak sangka dalam our batch..nida yg pendiam itu kawin dahulu..
namun begitu,after i reached ipoh..i received a sad news from anis...
"bapak inaz meninggal" ..i just met Inaz at the Kenduri..and she received the news about her dad while she was on her way back to home..Just imagine...A big shock to her and me too..Yesterday ,my beloved lecturer passed my best friends father passed away..Well,life and death decision is in the hands of God..We are the slave..Worship and Obey

Al-Fatihah to Encik Kamaruddin (Ayahanda Shafinaz Kamaruddin) kembali ke rahmatullah akibat serangan jantung.May God bless him and placing him together with wise people.Amin
Inaz sayang,Takziah ..bykkan bersaba ok..itu semua kehendak tuhan..Setiap benda ada hikmahnya..i always be by urside sayang...Just keep on pray for him..

"So glory to Him in whose hands is the dominion of all things and to Him will ye be all brought back"Sura Yassin 83'

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MYSELF said... pendiam kwn awal..yg byk mulut??kwn lambat kah..huhu


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