Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanks super BROTHERS

thanks a lot!!
they are soooo kind..
helping me and kuhaz...
moving to our new crib!
sungguh baik...
nnti house warming
im gonna call of u with superb meals!
thanks alot!!!!


aswalovewan said...

Hi tya..mcmana tempat baru?mesti sonok explore...huhuu...take care k

Tya ilyana said...

tgh nk explore..
tp freaking hottt!!

zubaidah said...

yeahhh dpt tilam!!

K. Eni said...

This scenario really reminds me of our old days kat sana.
How's yr 1st summer in Melbourne?
Mesti 'boiling' abiskan?
Luckily rmh kitorg dulu ada air-cond, dok melepak depan air-cond je 24H!!


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