Sunday, February 15, 2009

Austral race on Valentine

the bunga that he in my hand eventually..thanks sweet of u

Azizul won too, coming in second behind Shane Perkins (AUS) and before Jason Niblett (AUS) in the ”Wheelrace”... copy from

its summer now...ant is everywhere...even in my flower pot...dem!well,this is the bouqet ..he is so sweet..*wink*
my 1st ever ticket...gosh...for u i will..
with dazzling teha..she won all the events that day..congrats!

well...yesterday was Valentine..
i had a great day watching my bf ..
seeing him performed live....well,he is so superb!
not to praise...but i like his effort and spirit..
oh yea...i got a reserved seat which took me ..sitting in front of him..
so i can peep him...and watching every single thing that he did..
i knew he look at me from far...but simply buat buat tak nampak..because im blushing!
so when the competition started,the invited riders come out....and jeng jeng AWANG emerged..
wink wink...i recorded his action in my cam..and totally felt mesmerize when he appears nearby and gives me a sweet...and speechless though..

to be honest,i hardly understand the events..but ok la..go with the flow..i sit in the middle of unknown ppl..i saw Josiah's gf from far..and a crowd of Malaysian in the middle of Velo..indeed,the competition went so well..he got 2nd losing to Shane Perkins...the crowd loves him..i can hear ppl calling up his name...and giving him a big applause as well..
i was screaming his loud i the middle of australians..and yea...ppl surround me were asking me :are u Mrs Awang?:..*oh yeaaa*..

indeed,it was really a great experience...and im looking forward to attend more events soon..

my sayang is now in Airoplane...he is flying to Malaysia..before he departs,he told me he got a white jersey..white jersey as far as i understand symbolize the world no 1 rider...he is no keirin..once he wins the world cham..he will get a uci rainbow jersey lets pray people...chris hoy is coming to the competition..pocketrocket will booosssttttt to the fullest..........

p/s:yesterday my parents back to his so lonely!!


MYSELF said...

geletis aku bace.. :P

Tya ilyana said...

pi mampus kat hang....jgn jeless yayang!!

Anonymous said...

kak tya,thx visit blog anna. ;) how lucky u are dpt tgk azizul's i wish i could see adiq's too! ='(


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