Friday, February 20, 2009

cemerlang yang hakiki...:P

indeed,,,he did so well time to time..
im so bangggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to the fullest..
with all his achievements...
i will always pray for u sayang...
especially in his WorldChamp...he is the 1st Malaysian ever deserved to have his own white jersey and i hope he gonna get the rainbow jersey too!!
from my experienced watching the race,
Malaysia name is so famous in cycling...
People out there confessed Malaysian team is one of the booost team...
so this is one of the good reputation to uphold Malaysia outstanding name..
other than,policitical nighmare stories...bikin malu sahaja..! so proud of him to be honest...
i hope more youngsters will love to follow his step..
it doesnt matter from where u are and from what language leaps from your tounge..
its all in ur heart...!!
We should support each other in a way to give tremendous spirit and courage..

Cycling in Malaysia gonna spread soon..better bawak beskal rather than rempit !at least it burns ur calories though....;)

Azizulhasni is the HERO..lets support him to the FULLEST people!!


p/s:class is next week....sayang race is soo sooon..then he ll back to Malaysia for gonna miss my sayang so much..


Dakjaat™ said...

semenjak hangout ngan dak cycle tu .. selalu jer cerita ttg basikal...;p

MYSELF said...

lepas ni dier akan citer ttg moto lak..


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