Thursday, February 26, 2009

sangat free

ok..basically..i already registered for everything ...
and free till 2nd March...because there is an o-week again!
so then i can meet the locals..*sigh*
now...trying to understand the website..
its 4 a.m in the morning...
and a night owl..
well...i need to plan some activities for me tomorrow..
im hoping 4g gonna online soon..yeah i miss him so much a lot of things i need to share with him..
today is Rania Birthday..well ..Happy Birthday..!!
baking?yeahh sounds tempting..!

it sangat sejuk to the fullest...i hate to loo or poo...huhuuh
td pegi westfield...i bumped to a shoe shop...
hmmm...i really like that lacoste shoes!and defintely onitsuka tiger....i bought 2 dress today..well,i likeeeee kuhaz dress so much!!sangat kiut....!ohhhh my sister...athiah nadhirah..
ku merindui mu....kesengalan.. baumul mu..kurinduii....rindu nak jalan2 kat pavi same2...miss u sis!bila shoping2 ngan kengkawan mesti ingat budak kecik tu...haiyoo....adik,,,i was so sebak u know today!!i beg u gonna love all the begs laa and the pumps i wish my sister is a year younger..but she is 9 years younger..snap!!well....i told u bout twilight..and edward cullen is coming....its kinda exciting darling...!!i wanted to buy u a huge poster of u think u need it?so massssssssssssssssiveee!!and u can feel edward is watching u sleeping like what he did to sister warned me for not get married so soon...i ll consider it sister..because im thinking to delay it either...late 20 is cool..i need to have my own BMW or COOPER 1st..huhu..
oh i miss my adik pulak now!!adik was the only human who often ikut me anywhere and everywhere...she even tiru my signature..not only brother too...x kreatif langsung dorang ni..well,i copied from my mom! basically,we are an art family..huhu...if adik has an overnite outhing..she gonna spend her days with me in UIA..because she loves to eat a lot!she loves Nailis,Seri Melaka and yeaah NZ curry house@chicken chop..i miss her..even my sister has a different character..hmm..
adik is so cun tatkala remaja...i like ur "guitar"..!! envy u got the skill..*sigh*
i miss u much....especially when u guys singin to me the was so pathetic!!
now,me in geelong..

they are so apart...
missing is hurting..

i hope she gonna get glorious results in PMR..and SPM
futher her studies in my field.. ;)

memisshome.. ;(


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ lor, siannya dia. biasa la tuh, ada time2 tertentu kerinduan kat family tuh amat terasa. take care ye babe.. ~

AnaMatronic said...

haha. i hate to go to the loo or poo when it's too cold too!! I hate stepping on the cold tiles. haha.
It's definitely nice being married :) but being a housewife can get boring sometimes (unfortunately).Hope the home sickness wears off soon for you :-) Maybe more shopping will help? :P hehe


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