Sunday, March 8, 2009

Autumn shopping....*shrug.*

durh ..taken by apis..but yaa..i looked so fussy..sorry....
with his team mate...,Hafiz Suffian...beli brg byk nk mati utk gfnye sbb nk balik Msia!

dimarahi azizul sbb sume kedai nk masuk..hehehe....
i bumped into this shop..ok i cant detain myself..i bought that orange sandals..look so trendy heh..we got a same pair of lovely and sloppy ...hi hi regard of his offer to pursue his studies....God so happy for him..hope he can get scholarship ..because ya...he upholds malaysia to the WORLD!!pray for his becoming WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ...AND YAAA....RAINBOW JERSEY WILL BE YOURS ..SAYANG!

now i miss u hun...:(
gonna miss u week is soo sorrow!
cool tya cool..
focus belaja buat design!
*pussycatdolls are coming to MELBOURNE*


MYSELF said...

yeke..best2..g la..tya..DONT U WISH A GF HOT LIKE ME!!..haha

Aida Narina said...

Shop till you drop bebeh! Are u going to the PCD concert then? They are also coming to UK, but i might be going to Beyonce's concert. Maybe means tak beli tiket lagi, hehehe.
Tapi PCD mcm best, tp serius i tercabar tgk body diorg hot.

Take care :)

Tyazizul said...

yeaa...i wish i can attend to PCD..sbb i really like nicole...her body is soo awesome...yeahh..
take cre too!

anis dearie,,
yeahh i wish ur with me rite now gigi besa..muah love u!

bicyclecrazy said...

yang g layan pesal...huhu

tya said...

u look so gorgeous!!!!
damn u...:P
miss u!!


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