Tuesday, March 10, 2009

St. Kilda

It is often very difficult to expand the horizons of ones experience and insight of a place if we are
constantly part of it, hence, a big advantage of studying at the Deakin School is our regional location.Our physical detachment from Melbourne provides us with an excellent vantage point from which to examine Victoria’s metropolitan and regional cities with clarity and objectivity, and affords us the freedom to develop independent and innovative lines of thought.
as the new brief came out yesterday...
St.Kilda is my site to study..
yesterday ..was my 1st studio...
its way different from what i have learned in Malaysia..
basically,in this studio.. a brainstorming session..each students have to deliberate any ideas..even i was so stuck because never been there..
but ya..i try to imagine as depict that i can...and yaa..my friend told me..its like *bukit bintang but near the beach* ...so we have to reinvent the planning..to make it more better and workable..
so..this week..we gonna spend out time all night long to that place..as the lecturers required us to observe the activities ....
this time,we need to form a group..me in a group with kuhaz my rumate =) and jane my soulmate..=P

• Analyse the existing fabric of specific precincts, which comprise the designated project area.
• Identify the artificial and natural boundaries, which shape or limit their genius loci.
• Develop a range of generic strategies, which resolve areas of discontinuity and open up
options for stimulating urban regeneration.

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