Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They are leaving

Junai and apis

me and teha...yeahh missing her now
those pics were taken during sid patterson race..we had our dinner at BISMI,Sydney ROAD..

im gonna miss all of them..they are leaving me alone..ceh..specifically he is leaving me so soon....and off to POLAND ..for world champ..even its kinda sorrow..ya i ll try my best !!works are increasing form day to i realize how hard master is..even the class is so little...but the works...definitely sooooooooo manny!!!
i have so many works to do...and indeed....i do a lot of reading nowadays...!i really hope i can get a study table ASAP!..studying at my coffee table..really hurt my back mate!..well,after Analyzing the date n works..he gonna come back 2 months later..which is..mid of my semester...on the other gonna be the 1st presenter for my next class...and yeaa....i try to do my best to speak infront of the *public*..damn i hate presentation...and yaa presenting alone makes me suffer !!haishh!!...the topic kinda cool...CULTURAL MIGRATIONS AND have to find more references..need to go to library.....go tya go!
i love my n pa..susahhhnye belajaaa.....!!tetibe pk nape laa x keje?
i love u sayang...thanks for ur understanding and u r the one who always support stand still....good luck in ur world hun...we strive hard a different ways ..God,help us.. AMIN


bicyclecrazy said...

people come and go...

K. eni said...

Bismi, Sydney Road!
Missed the nasi beriani & roti canai.
Dulu, at least once a week, mesti pergi Bismi.
Our house was 4-5 mins walking distance from Bismi, Mitchell Street to be exact.

Do try the Lahmachun (Turkish dish) @ Brunswick Market, pizza @ Sahara, the ice-cream & the sweet baklavas @ Balha's Pastry and also the Moroccan cuisines @ La Paella (stop 21 if I'm not mistaken).

By the way, best of luck for your studies. InsyaAllah, yg pahit itu akan manis jua akhirnya.
No pain, no gain. :-)


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