Saturday, April 25, 2009

4.00 am

4 am in the morning..
just like Gwens song...
ouhh magod....
i have lots of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have final crit next week.. i have assignment.. i have this.. i have that... i have tell....

*with arms wide open*

when i was in Malaysia...while im doing my work...someone will accompany me to stay and he gonna view me doing work through webby..y??to protect me from SLEEPY!!so sweet!!!now vice in OZ he is in Malaysia..Jelajah Malaysia some more...!now i have to be more understanding and respect his time....auchh!!poyoonya kamu!!tp so sleepy..i have lots of work tooooooooooooo doooooooooooooooooooooooo!!need someone to BUZZ me.when he can see my eyes *shut*....come on!!!!!!i wanna get better results than before.....i wannaaa bee excellent...!!but...the eyes so jahat!!!! have to be semangat!!kesian kepada PA MA...mereka bersusah payah menghantar anaknya di sini..haruslah berusaha kamuu!!!
naaah...truly deeply missing yay yay...nnti dia balik ke malaysia pula..ouhh sungguh kasihan..LDR forever...!pathetic!im going back to Malaysia soon....during winter hldys
oh ma im starving..!!
wth with me???so insane.....i should detain myself for being so manja with Food!
jerk!kurus please..i need to be like JANE!remember!!JANE!!
dang....sleepy siotttttttttttttt!!
ahhh ......ngntuk dang!!
mari mendengar lagu CREED!!..
now...its CREED time..
tp masih mengantuk..even tho..i sing along...with them..
hah..i love singing to tell u..even sometime i love to bantal the lyrics...
hmmmm.....yay yay yay!
rindunyaa sama yaayaang ku...
otak a bit gila bila sudah macam beberapa hari tak tido..
so kepada adik2 di luar sana yg berminat nak ambek arkitek..
*jgn laaa*
heh....i dont want my kids to be architect too..
suffering babe!!

y i miss him?
we have so many things in command
we are photoholic....we love to take picturesss and be in the pictures
we love to SPEAK
then...sometime..when i webby with him..we often wear the same shirt color..(without perjanjian)
when i sick,he is going to be sick the next days
we love COOKING
we love TOPSHOP
we love KOREAN movie..
he is the only person that can understand korean without subtitle..(budget korean)
we love to berjalan-jalan
pemandangan menarik boleh shoot..mariiiiiiii!!
as a conclusion,,
i miss him..
when he is so shrinking...but whenever he is nearbyy
ohmagoshh im so DUMPY!! shrinking..later gonna be dumpy!
ei yewwwww
*groossss tyaa grosssss*
poyo pleaseeee

harapan satu suntikan ..ya saya perlu suntikan itu kembali....


Exec Haz said...


emm really miss him? owh siann..
actually, i'm proud u have big strenght to face this kind of r/ship with him.. yelah, jauh.. kadang2 jupe kadang tak. bukan sume org leh face this kind of thing. what i can say, u have to be positive every second. think +ve whenever you feel down, stress, miss him so much and evrytg. always smile and said to yourself..' you r a wonderwoman who can face this kind of feeling'. njoy ur life and hope evertg gonna be fine.. amin.

Azwani Shaari said...

Alaaaa..keciknya keratan paper tu..ingatkan leh la baca..huhu

Anonymous said...

kak tya kawen nnt jemput taw! dungun dgn kmn dekat aje ;) wish both of u the very goodluck.
amin ! ;)

Tyazizul said...

thankss sweetheart..

shAayyUm said...

eh tya...mane entry wedding tu?? Baru nak kasi comment ni ;(

bicyclecrazy said...

giler kuar paper tue


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