Thursday, April 30, 2009

Autumn Style

omg..this is so kene kurus byk LOL


yaa its autumn now..yesterday was really cold...its 3 degree...and im currently busy preparing for my FINAL presentation on monday ...i cant wait to finish the presentation so that i can go and do something to satisfy me indeed..first and foremost, i want to shop!!shopping!!!shopping!!its sale now..i guess it is..i wanna buy more legging and heel and the green MNG belt...yaa im addicted with that belt so much..chika already got that...!!!arhh pressure i shoud beli jee aritu...and some stuff for MALAYSIANS !!!especially my becoming nephew...yea yea dapat anak sedara..sungguh seronok!!and i wanna bring ticha jalan2 pegi pavillion makan baskin robin and drag her to toy r for u lil cuttie...cant wait to Malaysiaaa!!Malaysia tetap di hatiiiii even byk mat rempit .... ;S

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