Friday, April 17, 2009

DHL awaits

saya happy tp benci sikit...sebab SEJUK NAK MATI!!dugong nk duduk brisbane ni
yeaayy..i woke up early in this morning just toooo wait for door's bell to ring..
and been waiting....time to time...i cook something for hanis...and we had an english breakfast..
having krespy cream donuts !!!my heart still in brisbane.reminiscing the memories with chika sooo meaningful and thoughtful...i love brisbane and gold thinking to work there after grad..but definitely my yayang wont allow me to stay apart..hi hi hi...i went to workshop to repair my EXHAUST!!stupid poor car...and wait wait wait n the same time,im struggling myself to complete my assigment ..i have lots more to cover ....hahaha....*typical malay*yeahh
no no...i wanna be hardworking ...and to detail n particular in doing my things...u sure tya??yeappppppp
ok ok...noo actually im so excited to share with everyone...other than my journey to Exotic Brisbane..i would love to tell everyone that i already got a parcel from Malaysia...even he been busy with his stuff as celebrity now..( btol kan celebrity?) he still got sometime to send something to me *grinnnneddddddddddddddddd*
im soooooooooooo happy n happy n happppy.....(actually pathetic ..i can see tears in heaven)gosh..sure sure...any girlfriend on the earth will cry when received a mesmerizing parcel supprisingly ....(im a libran lady so sloppy and sentimental and touching and sensitive)
my yayang asked me to study hard for our future...(next yearr awaits)btol ke next year??u suree??i ll grad for my master insya Allah by oct 2010...pray for me...2010 pray for my yayang as well...he has big competitions ..and looking forward for gold in Asean Games and Commonwealth Games...(pray pray pray pray)
cut the crappppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!

the hangwritting is so cute...he can even draw something on it..sooo cute la jojohasni nii

yeahhh...DHL from jojohasni..DHL sila sponser bakal ehem ehem saya...sian die x de sponseromg...y he chose this box?maybe i like pink and i stay here in Australia...and the lamb symbolizes OZ?

my yayang..omg..sila balik cepat...saya kangan ya!x leh studyy u x de..(bleh je study jgn percayeee......)jojohasni with his ARCHITECTURE LETTERING!!snap!kuang kuang (c-)bleh tak?C minus
and yaaa...hard rock cafe shirt from man! tak?best romantic he is..:D
this is my 1st card in 2009 ..dang!and yaa my yayang gave me hard rock cafe shirts..because he knew im a cool hard rock shirts collector...he lied to me..!jahatttt!!and yaaa i gottt new collections
and of coz so happyy.....hard rock warsaw ..the place where he got silver for Malaysia (big applause)yeayy!!excited.....kesian lagi skali dkat adik2 beradik ku....i got hard rock surfers paradise and hard rock warsaw......yeayy babehh!!soo...kepada siapa2 yang mengumpul t shirt h rock juge..sila laa beliii kan kepada saya yaa..!!dont forget to buy me one..please...hard rock melbourne is going to re-open soon in christmast 2009..terrer tak?i kneww about it ..
so far,i got the collections from Bali,Phuket,Bangkok,Rome,Paris,Dublin,London,Edinburgh,Universal Studio Osaka,...i want moreee...hahaaha.....KL pun takde...kesian...


CHIKA said...

Tya, I ada box sheep in pink tu. HAHA. Cute je dia siap bagi dalam box lagi. HAHA

congrats dah dapat 2 hardrock cafe shirts this week.

Tyazizul said...

yeahh thanksss chika..i love u!

express laundry said...

salam..tya..jg azizul lek lok...k?
sy th psl tya melalui kak ani(azizul's sis)..she is my friend act..all da best..both of u..=)
~hepi ending,k?~

Tyazizul said...

salam....kak ani is kak eni or lain?
allrite sure i ll..thanks pray for us..

expresslaundry said...

huhu...xsure la azizul pggil ape..p, kakak lepas die la..(rosmani)..suka tgk blog tya..haha..both of you..tya n sgt suka tgk azizul nye performance..=) bila abes study? tya ada ym x?

Tyazizul said...

yep i have..yana_architect

K. eni said...

Tya, k. ani & k Eni tu different persons.
Ani~real sis of Jijoe.
Btw, regarding the cartoons on the DHL package, I guess creativity & sports are running in their (the siblings') blood.
The cartoons scribbles reminds me of our 'days' too..:-D


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