Thursday, April 16, 2009


so sweet of u..
im so sorrry..
ahhh padan muke u..
sape suruh...
kan dah kene revengee!
i love uuuuu so muchhhhhh
thanks a lot for the DHL..
but yaa im in brisbane still..
nnti i balik melbourne i cant wait tooo open the DHL box!
heart u babehh...
gold coast best..
nnti kite pegi st.kilda main roler coster ek..
sian u jeles tgk i g movie world..
huhu bukan u je jeles..
adik2 i pun..

P/s: i didn't know he does something ..he post something to me which is so cute rite?but yaa im here....suddenly DHL called and told that i have a parcel from Mr.Awang!ohh love...thanks a lot yayang..u make me x saba nk balik Geelong..even i hate to be there..!definely he is so jealous looking at the gaily pics ...:P *grin*

y: tu pic u ngan sea lion
y: heheheh
y: pnjg taring die
y: kena gigit baru
y: taw
y: hehehe
t: tu u tau
t: i tag azizulhasni kat gmba tuu
t: hehehehee


nabilah mangshor said...

the boot!
looks hot

Tyazizul said...

bf i ckp buruk..nasib u sokong i..yeay!!


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