Friday, April 24, 2009

A night outhing with studiomates

Last night,,i had a dinner with all my studiomates at one of the famous restaurant in Geelong!We never had a chance to sit together...chit chat with some *girl* stuff..updating about fashion,concert,make up..i like it so much!they are going to catch pussycatdolls and beyonce..and yaa im so envy!i wanna watch PCD too!!its been a long time i never had the oppurtunity to chat about those huyeahhh!!They are so stylo !!ok.....i asked Tina about Harem Pants..
and she gave me some tips of wearing it...i wore harem pants last nite....but eyyeww..i dont hink it suits me....i looked dumpy!ok...they are pioneer in yaa since 1st year gitu...

after had a dinner at Rich Maha..we went to Cold Rock..because they craving to eat an ice a desert normally..!The cool ice cream in Geelong..where u can get a *cold rock*ice cream!!

on diet!!mariiiiii berdiett!!
we dont eat ice cream!!
visiting their crib
omg so fabulousss..and cozy..
i like their house so muchhh..
kuhaz..mari pindah!!
.we were chit chatting about the kuih raya and some of malaysian delicious food....OMG..cant wait to go back ...!!mama..wait for me..all of us wanna go back to Malaysia tanah air ku..!

the spontaneous action..LOL.

tadaaa..such a cute cute.....i adore her cat so much..can u see her ears??flipping?so cute..but yaaa..cocoooooo koyakkan baju auntie!!


Cik Kmar said...

OMG. tat's tina. my old fren. do send my regards to her k. :)

Tyazizul said...

Yep...sureeee :)

Cik Kmar said...

yup tya, tina kwn i ms intec. tp dh lost cntct. hehe.


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