Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a date with Mr Silver

i met him after 2 months being apart...just so excited when my mr silver already finished his stuff for uni..gonna enroll his uni soon..wish him the best in studies...and training...
as for me..im currently busy with assignments ..but have to take some time to assist him doing DEAKIN stuff..ok ok ..my mr silver soon gonna be in the same uni with me.. =) wohoooooooo!
so apa lagi..mari ke Deakin..!! Deakin will hv a future Gold Medalist in Olympic 2012..glamer la Deakin lepas ini...well,our campus is not the same ok..mine meant for architecture and my mr silver is doing his sport management in other campus..so no dating2 when studying...fokus itu penting ...ok adik2 di luar sana..pesanan kak tya yg poyo...*sigh*

Deakin University is one of Australia's most progressive universities, successfully combining traditional values of excellence in teaching and research with an attitude that challenges conventional practices and produces new ways of developing and delivering courses. It has consistently achieved the highest ratings in surveys of graduate satisfaction, and has twice won the prestigious University of the Year award. Scholastic excellence, top quality research, industry partnerships and tailored courses are among the factors that attract students from all around the world to Deakin University.

All campuses offer students access to academic, administrative and support services, and 24-hour computer laboratories. Students also have the opportunity to join numerous clubs and societies run by Deakin University Student Association.

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ADORA said...

Ya..ya..sgt bagus mr silver nak belaja..be educated person..baru org tambah respect lah bukan..

ko balik malaysia 10/6 confirm ke?
gambar buat braces..aku dah publish kat blog...


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