Saturday, May 23, 2009

Disobedient PERSON


im disobedient person!!i didnt finish my assignments ...but i spent most of my time being shopaholic..confession of shopaholic whether to finish works or leisure during WEEKEND
Those two dresses are from BARDOT ..Aussie local brand...!!agak cute la..baju2 die...ala2 TOPSHOP kot..i think la..kalau nk tengok home is SO NEAR to shopping complex!
isk!!i have to pindah laaa ...cannot duduk nearby to "attraction"..
Lagu Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland berputar di corong radio
cair cair cair..
i really like this song please!!

i shop a lot to be honest =(
i knoe mama will read this..
im sorry Mama..
those baju are so fascinating ..
i didnt spend so much on FOOD but on BAJU .
so its balance..

ok la...nk sambung buat kerja..
malas DOW!!

ana lak afhim...


Anonymous said...

thanks byk2 kaktya ! =)
btw,dress tu lawaa.suits u !

Anonymous said...

huhu..i wish to be on yr shoes sometimes..can i?

Anonymous said...

I'm better ;) thanks.mula2 agak ssh.
tp da byk lg benda nk pk.hehe ;D

ADORA said...

apa maksud ana lak afhim tu??

Tyazizul said...

anna: yeahh pk belaja je dulu ..cewah

adora: ana lak afhim bi mak na anti samin wa sinnun kabir ghodan *sigh*

anonymous:sure u can..anonymous..but what makes u say so?


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