Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Mussel ..sedap siot!

This is one of the main attraction in Geelong .Located at the Water Front..Deakin is infront of the area...Well,the Mussel Boat is a must to go every Monday or Friday when I have break for my Design class and Architecture Practise class.....Its a steam mussel ..and the taste is so yummy....a good diet though...
How i wish to have the Mussels rite now..because im so starving.....too bad..my yayang never tasted Mussel ..i should bring him someday then...hi hi hi :P
yeaaa.....quite a long time i never bring my SLR to shoot!!
Busy sangat2.....but ya i ll try my best to shoot as many as i can because its AUTUMN!!!

P/s:tp malas sbb kamera tu berat..x nk bawak beg kamera sbb beg tu x vogue..huhuh...i jst bring the beg if my yayang is around..so he can carry for me..he he he...rite dear????


Chika Chika said...

i dah try mussel.

Tyazizul said...

sdap kannn chika????


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