Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1 Rejab


Lets fasting ....and Ramadhan is so near...
and im gonna celebrate my RAYA alone ..this year..
so lets puasa REJAB..
Better to PUASA rather than think about something which can make myself dizzy and giving up..
and better to focus my real aim ..
Whats ur aim..?whats ur aim..come again!

I hate Distraction ..I hate ACCUSING!!
i believe Mies Van De Rohe on "God is in detail"

so i should be like be particular in doing my thing..

I love u dad and mom....i wanna study and labour hard for the new sem ahead..!Oledi a week im here in Malaysia....time is running so fast..

Im attending DATUM KL 2009....and soon another conference in Melbourne on 10th July..

P/s: working abroad or local..or in DUBAI?? *ponder*

or i should be like BARRACK OBAMA? heh

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